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We have handled over 100,000 claims & performed over 100,000 onsite inspections for large losses across the nation.
We have estimated over $3 BILLION in damages.



My name is Tom Simmons. I am a managing member of Mission Consulting and Estimating. As you have most likely heard by now, we handle on-site inspections, estimating, appraisal, umpire services and third-party supplementing services. We aim to provide professional value-added services so you can focus on what matters.

We are the first nationwide on-site inspection and estimating firm that serves attorneys, public adjusters and contracting professionals. The insurance companies have building consultants, adjusters, and TPA firms. You have Mission Consulting and Estimating.

Thank you for considering us to be your trusted partners and become an extension of your business. We look forward to doing business with you!


I have worked extensively as a business leader, team builder, mentor of associates/team members, and in general, a person who really enjoys his work and all the relationships it brings.

I spent 25 years plus working in the residential/commercial construction field, as a business owner, VP, Project manager, “Chief” estimator, floor sweeper, etc. I love it!

The last 15 years has had me fully involved in the Insurance property industry, both as a field adjuster and an executive. It has been very fulfilling.

In addition, I have spent most of my life committed to charitable Church/mission work. It is one of my passions.

But, more than anything, I am blessed with an amazing family of three sons and their families, my darling spouse who is my high school sweetheart, and a wonderful church family. It is a blessed life for sure.

I am known as a focused worker who does not stop until the job is completed…ALWAYS bringing value.


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Our business model was designed for you. You deserve the best. Business is hard enough. We are here to positively assist and impact the public adjuster and contracting industries. We accomplish this by removing the geographical borders from your business. You can now conduct business nationwide. We accomplish this while remaining affordable. Your world just became smaller.

  • Our team consist of former adjusters, contractors, home builders
  • Combined over 100 years of experience
  • Over 100,000 claims handled
  • Over 100,000 inspections handled

Our mission is to become an extension of your company. Our goal is to provide so much value at the quality you expect that you can’t afford not to partner with us.









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Our services are used by hundreds of attorneys, public adjusters, and contractors to help them win their claims at all phases of the payment process. Our inspectors are highly trained in insurance knowledge, property types, roof inspection, structural observation, moisture detection, construction damage estimates and much more.

Consumers and contractors throughout the United States trust us to inspect and estimate on-site. We inspect for repairs or replacement of damaged property, assist with estimating repairs, provide on-site umpire services, and can supplement your insurance claims. We have provided quality value-added services so you can spend more time serving your customers and fewer hours handling the paperwork.

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